Paeonia ‘Yellow Crown’ (P. lactiflora x P. lemoinei) is blooming for the first time ever in the Alberta Perennial Trial garden at the Calgary Zoo! 

Paeonia 'Yellow Crown'


P. ‘Yellow Crown’ is an Itoh peony, a cross between the lactiflora peony commonly grown in Alberta and a tree peony. The flowers most closely resemble those of the tree peony, but the foliage dies to the ground in the winter, making the plants more likely to survive in our harsh climate.  

There are two more Itoh peony cultivars in the perennial trials. P. ‘Bartzella’ and P. ‘Cora Louise’ were planted in 2008 and both have flowers buds this year. Bartzella is another yellow peony and Cora Louise is white with a deep red centre. I will be sure to post pictures when they bloom! 

Paeonia 'Bartzella' flower bud