Two more varieties of Itoh peonies are blooming in the Alberta Perennial Trial garden at the Calgary Zoo. Earlier this summer Paeonia ITOH ‘Yellow Crown’ flowered. Now Paeonia ‘Bartzella’ and P. ‘Cora Louise’ are blooming as well. P. ‘Bartzella’ and P. ‘Cora Louise’ were donated by Valleybrook Gardens/Heritage Perennials  ( in 2008.

The yellow of P. ‘Bartzella’ has attracted a lot of attention, in fact it has stopped people in their tracks! Everyone wants to know what it is and where to find one.

P. ‘Cora Louise’ is stunningly beautiful as well, with pinkish-white petals and a dark maroon centre.

Both cultivars have healthy glossy green foliage. They appear quite sturdy and able to hold their large flowers upright without staking. 

Unfortunately we have not had a 100% survival rate for the Itoh peonies in the trial gardens. Originally there were three plants of each variety in the garden at the Calgary Zoo, and two P. ‘Bartzella’ and one P. ‘Cora Louise’ have survived. However, these plants have not been coddled in any way; a bit of mulch and winter protection would likely result in a higher survival rate.