Alberta Perennial Trials Top Picks 2002-2010

Each of the three sites participating in the Alberta Perennial Trials was asked to select their all-time top five favourite perennials from the trials. It was a very difficult decision, and each site came up with many more plants than could be included in this list. In the final selection, five different plants were chosen for each site, for a total of fifteen favourites (plus a few runners up!). Top Picks are listed in alphabetical order by site.  

 Calgary Zoo:

  • Deschampsia ‘Bronze Veil’
  • Euphorbia polychroma ‘Bonfire’
  • Geranium renardii ‘Phillipe Vapelle’
  • Paeonia x ‘Bartzella’
  •  Polemonium ‘Stairway to Heaven’
  • Runners up: Anemone ‘September Charm’, Helenium ‘Mardi Gras’, Ligularia ‘Osiris Fantaisie’


Paeonia x 'Bartzella'


Muttart Conservatory:

  • Monarda ‘Jacob Cline’
  • Delphinium New Millenium ‘Innocence’
  • Paeonia ‘Muskoka’
  • Panicum virgatum ‘Orange Flame’
  • Sedum ‘Autumn Charm’
  • Runners up: Lavendula ‘Rosea’, Veronica ‘Aztec Gold’, Heuchera ‘Dolce Mocha Mint’

Sedum 'Autumn Charm'


Olds College:
  • Dianthus gratianopolitanus ‘Firewitch’
  • Iris ‘Savannah Sunset’
  • Ligularia dentata ‘Britt Marie Crawford’
  • Phlox paniculata ‘Starfire’
  • Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’
  • Runners up: Sedum ‘Autumn Charm’, Hemerocallis ‘Moonlit Masquerade’

Ligularia dentata 'Britt Marie Crawford'